Mistress Wind

This poem, entitled “Mistress Wind,” has a clue in the first line that hints at it’s true meaning.  The phrase, “through a dragon’s mane” is the key.

Other than meaning, you’ll probably notice the poem is written in three stanzas, each with four lines. Most of the lines have four (generally) iambic feet.

Mistress Wind

She dances through a dragon’s mane
of willow trees, my mistress wind,
and pirouettes, perfumed by waves
over the summer’s lilac skin.

The fluttering of the enclave
in her eyes tonight, it flows beyond
the grassy sways, and lights upon
my captured breath in gusts again.

The aura of her cloudy voice
embowered in the atmosphere,
whispers across these shifting stars,
and I, compelled to chase her there.

Note: Poem first published in Third Wednesday in 2014.


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