This Prairie Shore

What happens when you combine the beauty of Wyoming and its landscapes with the beauty of the sea? You get a poem that circles back–a love poem, if you will.

The poem is called “This Prairie Shore”

This Prairie Shore

There’s a sky in central Wyoming
where the world looks through
from the other side,
and in the looking,
finds a way back to itself.

Seashells hide inside those clouds.
Put your ear to the wind
and you’ll hear oceans
breaking across the earth in circles.
The circles join us to each other.

If you were here with me
we’d walk the length of this prairie shore.
We’d leave our words behind
and stare out at the tides,
red and purple and billowing in return.

Somewhere on an ocean shore
lovers find different clouds
twisting and wrapping around themselves
like bodies of sagebrush.
The sea-salt wind carries a memory

of Wyoming and sweetgrass rain.
It’s nearly evening or
it’s nearly morning–impossible to tell.
The clouds are seas that connect us.
The wind, a circle to ourselves.

Note: Poem first published in Poetry Quarterly in 2015.


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