Book of Explanations

Eunoia Review recently published one of my poems called “Book of Explanations.”

Book of Explanations

My sons, if there were a book of explanations
it would read: twilight clings to every little thing.
And from there it would tell the story,
how the foundation of a man
is never strong enough to seal the shadows.
They seep into the cracks like cold,
and over years, they grow unseen.
Only the earth feels them
quiet in their lucidity.
The man loses his grounding,
searches for another light from another place,
a far-off place, impossible, unforgiving.
We know how it ends,
written a thousand times,
in bone, in wood, on paper,
the cracks to crumbling,
the little pieces of dusk
washed away into the sea.

Although I didn’t know where I was going when I started the poem, by the poem’s conclusion, I hope I was successful in bringing across the inevitability of regret through the use of metaphor.

Eunioa also published at the same time another one of my poems, entitled “Atlas of Past Times.”


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