Love Note

Not a bad way to start the year.  Two of my poems just went live in the latest issue of Nixes Mate Review.    Both poems are a slight departure for me–short lines, short stanzas, more concern for the rhythm of the line than the foot, and more referential.

One of the poems is called “Love Note.”

Love Note

Along the highway
just above the cottonwoods

a flock of geese bend
across the blank page of sunset.

Their cursive wings
hover a moment in the salmon light.

You take my hand,
and with your fingers,

you trace our secret language
across the lifeline of my palm.

Sometimes poetry doesn’t have to transcend itself with meaning.  Sometimes it can operate on the surface level, simply allowing us to to enjoy and live in the moment.  Hopefully, this little poem tries to accomplish that.

The other published poem is called “July,” which you can find by clicking here.


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