My poem “Undiscovered” was recently published in the January 2017 edition of Glass: Facets of Poetry.


When the world fell to the sea,
I measured then my life in silences.
I dissolved alone at night,
a snowflake in the water.
Ripples couldn’t escape the sound
of the stories I told myself,
that we had once been the glistening
of foam across the rocks along the shore.

Wind brought those thousand lights
inland to all the little towns
where everyone was sleeping but couldn’t sleep.
They rose from the quiet of their beds,
and through their windows they saw the night open
to the undiscovered stars.

As with most of my poems I prefer end-stopped lines to force the pace and to encourage the reader to linger on the edge of each line for just a little longer.  The second and eighth lines, in fact, are written in iambic pentameter.

This was done so the ghost of meter would remain (ever so slightly) in the background of the poem. Hopefully, the technique creates a sense of awe as the speaker remembers what used to be.


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