My poem “Blue” was recently published in The Muddy River Review.  If I was asked what my favorite poem is of the ones I’ve written, this poem would be high on the list.  Here is the full text:


The light of the world was always blue.
It found a way into the colors that wonder,
the sheen in the black of a raven’s wings,
the whispers of midnight snow.
There’s the blue pull of the moon
that keeps young lovers in their gravity,
and once, when the wind was lost
it was a winter blue that brought it back to the forest.

The second time I came to you
blue was the tremor in my veins.
Eventually you returned those tremors
to the room spinning blue around me.
In those undefeated days
we walked out to the grass and rain.
Your eyes, the air, the smell of sagebrush, all of it
blue falling on worlds of blue.

As you might have guessed, this is a love poem.  To whom or what, it’s hard to say. Perhaps it’s simply a love poem to color itself.

Notice how many times I sneak the word “blue” into this poem–seven times to be exactly.  It was an attempt to load the poem with the emotional context of the sound of the word as much as it was a focus on the color itself.

Also notice the use of the commas in the second to last line. I wanted to slow the poem down in that line to create emphasis so that the last line came as slow and smooth as I could make it.  Ending the poem with the word “blue” is no accident, either. It allow me to let the poem trail off sonically.

Hope  you enjoy reading it.  You can find the published poem here, along with two additional poems of mine, “Seaside Wyoming” and “The Origin of Ghosts.”


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