Four of my poems were recently published by The Hamilton Stone ReviewOne of those poems, a favorite of mine, a love poem, is called “Lilacs”:


When I think of you,
I think of lilacs,
that subtle shade of
and the purple bough

I picked for you
the day we walked through the park
holding hands in secret.
Only the
could see.

I kissed your forehead.
Your hair smelled more like
and later that day when you pressed them
into a book of poems by Neruda

I remembered the clouds,
blending in a different hue,
like a sky
full and full of lilac blue.

The one-word lines act as a four-line minimalist poem inside the larger poem.


The poem ends on a rhyme to drive home the color-specific image.

Three of my other poems, “Maybe,” “Flood,” and “What We Call It” also appear in the journal.  You can check out all four of the poems here.


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