Movie Night in Central Wyoming

My new poem “Movie Night in Central Wyoming” was recently published in the second issue of The Mantle, a new literary journal.  Here is the full text:

Movie Night in Central Wyoming

The rain just north of Riverton
rolls deep into the August night
like a groggy and hibernating bear
looking for the comfort of its den.

There are stories somewhere in those clouds,
though I can’t quite remember them,
songs I know I carry,
journeys of forgotten storms.
Tonight they gather around me.

Reels and reels of lighting
play against the sky
like silent films on silver screens.
I smell the camphor on the wind.
Even the crickets are listening.

It’s a warm night to find myself
alone, to wish
for all these versions of myself,
sequels that could be true.

This a poem of place–in this case, where I grew up in central Wyoming.  The rain, the clouds, the temperature–all tactics using the weather as a symbol of the speakers emotional state.


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