Flyover Country

Ended the year with a few more publications.  My poem “Flyover Country,” about the high rate of suicide in Wyoming, appeared in The Eunoia Review this week.  Here is the full poem:

Flyover Country

They want to know why here in Wyoming
people kill themselves so often.

Is it the cold weather?
The wind? The access to guns?
The terrible scream of isolation
from a flock of single, aging men?

It’s nothing more than all
those things and the starter fuel
of despair and alcohol.

In your window seat
from thirty thousand feet above,
the brown checkerboards
and lakes and mountains
hardly look like a landscape
filled with many people
or anyone with the complexity that matters.

There’s not much to add in the way of explanation, other than to note that the last stanza is what makes poem a bit of social commentary.


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