Who is Aden Thomas?

Aden Thomas grew up in the sagebrush country of central Wyoming.  He received a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of Wyoming and also has a Master’s degree in Finance and Accounting, which he keeps secret from his poetry.   He forces his dog to read all his rejection slips.

His work has appeared over a hundred times in various publications, including The Chiron Review,  The Kentucky Review, Absinthe Poetry Review,  Glass: Facets of Poetry,  Dressing Room Poetry Journal,  The Magnolia Review,  VAYAVYA,  Poetry Quarterly,  The Inflectionist Review,  Gyroscope Review,  The Avalon Literary Review,  The Red River Review,  The Rising Phoenix Review, San Pedro Review,  MockingHeart Review,  Jawline,  The Eunoia Review,  SEVERINE, Ibis Head Review,  Shot Glass Journal,  The Lake,  The Muddy River Poetry Review, Ink in Thirds, Common Ground Review,  Third Wednesday,  Nixes Mate, Scarlett Leaf Review, Burning Wood Literary Journal,  The Milo Review,  Up The Staircase Quarterly,  Turtle Island,  Autumn Sky,  The Road Not Taken,  Skylark Review, and The Yellow Chair Review.

He now lives on the high plains near Laramie, Wyoming.

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