My Pushcart Prize nomination

My poem "Cornfield, Lighthouse, Man" was recently nominated for a Pushcart Prize.  It was originally published in the twelfth issue of Riggwelter.  Here is the full version: Cornfield, Lighthouse, Man Somewhere in the soul of Iowa there is a cornfield that sways on and on like a slow ocean, and in the middle of that … Continue reading My Pushcart Prize nomination


Flyover Country

Ended the year with a few more publications.  My poem "Flyover Country," about the high rate of suicide in Wyoming, appeared in The Eunoia Review this week.  Here is the full poem: Flyover Country They want to know why here in Wyoming people kill themselves so often. Is it the cold weather? The wind? The access … Continue reading Flyover Country

My Interview with Wyoming Public Media

Wyoming Public Media just posted one of its Spoken Words podcasts where I discuss writing, poetry, and how I came up with the pen name Aden Thomas through the series Sex and the City. I also read from two of my poems, including "This Prairie Shore," which was originally published in the journal Poetry Quarterly.  … Continue reading My Interview with Wyoming Public Media

Movie Night in Central Wyoming

My new poem "Movie Night in Central Wyoming" was recently published in the second issue of The Mantle, a new literary journal.  Here is the full text: Movie Night in Central Wyoming The rain just north of Riverton rolls deep into the August night like a groggy and hibernating bear looking for the comfort of … Continue reading Movie Night in Central Wyoming

Writing About Place

Writing about place can be difficult, especially when we've lived in a place for a long time.  The trick, as the great New York and Colorado poet Jared Smith once told me, is to "grab hold of a good metaphor and don't let go." Here's a poem called "Elk Mountain" from my first book What … Continue reading Writing About Place

To Those Agritourists About to Die, We Salute You

My new poem, entitled "To Those Agritourists About to Die, We Salute You," was recently published by Rust + Moth.  You can find the poem by following this link.  I wrote the poem after listening to someone on a panel talk about the need for increased agricultural tourist in Wyoming.  It got me thinking of all … Continue reading To Those Agritourists About to Die, We Salute You