Flyover Country

Ended the year with a few more publications.  My poem "Flyover Country," about the high rate of suicide in Wyoming, appeared in The Eunoia Review this week.  Here is the full poem: Flyover Country They want to know why here in Wyoming people kill themselves so often. Is it the cold weather? The wind? The access … Continue reading Flyover Country


My Interview with Wyoming Public Media

Wyoming Public Media just posted one of its Spoken Words podcasts where I discuss writing, poetry, and how I came up with the pen name Aden Thomas through the series Sex and the City. I also read from two of my poems, including "This Prairie Shore," which was originally published in the journal Poetry Quarterly.  … Continue reading My Interview with Wyoming Public Media

Writing About Place

Writing about place can be difficult, especially when we've lived in a place for a long time.  The trick, as the great New York and Colorado poet Jared Smith once told me, is to "grab hold of a good metaphor and don't let go." Here's a poem called "Elk Mountain" from my first book What … Continue reading Writing About Place